How to use the book

A few educators have reached out to me and wanted to know whether I have any official lesson plans for I Love the Skin I'm In.  I do have something that goes well with reading the book especially to age groups 3-6.  At readings, I usually use apples and baskets as props to help facilitate discussions about the book as well as to help illustrate to a younger audience the concept of skin color.

Items needed:

A bag (not see through to put all the apples)

5-6 apples of different colors

2 very low baskets or clear bowl

I explain to the children that we will be doing a sorting game and I need their help.

I ask that they help me put all the fruits of the same type in one basket.

I take the apples out of the bag one by one and have them identify what type of fruit it is.  Then I continue for all the rest of the apples, and "realize" that we end up with a basket of apples only.  I proceed to ask them questions like:

What are all these fruits called?

What do you notice about all the apples?

Do you think that they are the same on the inside?

Sometimes I even cut through 2 of the apples for reinforcement.

Then I go on to discuss that even though we may look different on the outside (just like the apples): our hair is a different color, the color of our eyes are different, some of us are shorter or taller etc., we are all the same on the inside, and that we should appreciate everyone despite how they look on the outside.